also whizz-bang (wĭz′băng′, hwĭz′-) Informal
noun: One that is conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful.
adjective: Conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful.
adjective: Impressive or flashy. Typically used to refer to new technology.


Some of the best things can't be bought

There are some things that must be made. Perhaps the item is no longer manufactured or the cost to purchase it is prohibitive. Perhaps the item requires a level of customization that would be hard to obtain any other way. Or, perhaps you just want the satisfaction that comes from making the item yourself.

We believe that making things is fundamentally human act. It's creative, empowering, educational, sometimes thrifty, and always fun.


Great projects with the level of help you need

At Whiz-bang Projects we've made an effort to find great projects -- things worthy of your time. We then digitize them, clean them up, and offer them to you in digital format.  We offer them in original form and soon we will also be offering them with enhancements to help you along. You choose the level that's right for you.

If there is some type of project you would like to see offered here, drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your project awaits!